Art Journaling is the Bomb!

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That's right, art journaling is totally awesome.  If you haven't tried it yet I suggest you do.  It doesn't matter whether you are an artist or not.  If you are a person that thinks about things, a person that likes to play with materials or write, a person that could use some time to yourself, a person that could benefit from some introspection, or someone that just wants to try something fun and creative you should try art journaling.  I did and it has made my life, heart, art and soul better.

I have always kept a sketchbook but an art journal is a little more than a sketchbook, and it's different than a journal too.  In an art journal you are taking time to think and create just for you.  What's inspiring you? Did you have an amazing day? Do you need to work through a problem? Did you buy new art materials that you need to experiment with?  Do you need to relax and doodle?  Maybe you need to get your hands dirty.  Or maybe you need some time away from a screen.  Art journaling can do all that and more.  It's a place to layer materials and ideas in whatever order you want to, whenever you want to.  In the past I've used a sketchbook to practice drawing something or to work out a composition or sometimes to journal, especially when I was super angry or happy about something. But it wasn't something that was necessarily visually appealing to me.  An art journal can do all the those things but it takes it to the next level.  It's a place to take the time to make your idea visually appealing to you.  One of the biggest rewards it's given me is the permission to play with art materials without the pressure of making a serious piece of fine art.  And in doing that I've made some wonderful discoveries that have sparked some great ideas for my art.

The perfect art journaling poem.

So if you need a place to let your mind loose you should try art journaling.  All you need to start is a journal and something to write or draw or paint or collage or sew or stamp with! There's no rules!  I love not having rules.  If you do want rules, or suggestions, there's lots of places to get them too.  You can take a class, in person or online.  There are great books and magazines out there; I really love the Art Jounaling magazine by Stampington and Co.  There are also suggestions online, just look up art journaling prompts, you'll find tons.  Most importantly just get started!  Art journaling is good for your soul.  You'll feel the benefits immediately. Just relax, create and enjoy!

This is the handout I made and gave to my students when I taught Art Journaling in case you need more motivation:)


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