So, I'm calling for a reset, a re-do, a start over with this blog.  I've learned a lot during 2017 but didn't quite achieve all I set out to do.  I'm ok with that I guess, I cant change it!  So I'm setting out to renew some past goals and plans.  For the big picture that means living a happy, monetarily comfortable, creative life.  But there are so many facets of that goal!  Some parts of it I've achieved already, some I'm actively working on now, some I'm still learning about, and some I don't even know about yet!  Anyway, I want my blog to be about that, about what it's like to try to create and live a happy, creative life.  Kay?

One big change I've made in my day to day life since the start of 2018 is having Studio Time every weekday afternoon, from 1-4. Before I would just try to fit it in. Like in the evenings or at night after everyone went to bed.  But guess what, I'm not 25 anymore and I get tired!  What the heck!  So that just wasn't working anymore.  Now I'm learning to set weekly art career goals that I can actually achieve because I have scheduled time to do it!  Besides that, I'm learning to listen to myself better.  Do I want to paint, or journal, or look for shows, or research, or blog, or frame, or, you know, the list goes on and on.  But you know what's not on the Studio Time list? Cleaning the kitchen, folding clothes, sweeping, mopping, shopping, you know all the other stuff you have to do that will always be there.  One thing I did not anticipate but is happening is my excited anticipation of Studio Time every day.  It feels great to have my life's dream and goal of being a successful working artist be a priority in my life.


So here's to blogging about my creative, messy, work in progress of a life.  Cheers!


Wow! what a full and

Wow! what a full and creative life! I love your very colorful art and your colorful personality. It's inspiring, as you are!

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