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So, I'm calling for a reset, a re-do, a start over with this blog.  I've learned a lot during 2017 but didn't quite achieve all I set out to do.  I'm ok with that I guess, I cant change it!  So I'm setting out to renew some past goals and plans.  For the big picture that means living a happy, monetarily comfortable, creative life.  But there are so many facets of that goal!  Some parts of it I've achieved already, some I'm actively working on now, some I'm still learning about, and some I don't even know about yet!  Anyway,

Time keeps on slipping...slipping...slipping into the future

So, yesterday, my fabulous daughter Maisy turned 20!  She is my oldest child so this is especially mind blowing to me, especially since I had her when I was 20 and my mom had me when she was 20.  In thinking about this, and discussing how she does not have to extend this tradition, I came to the realization that I have been a mother for half my life!  Excuse me?

My First Blog Post....ever! Why Screaming Owl Studio?

Hey there!  So this is my first blog post ever.  I know, not a big deal to most but it is to me!  So to start off, thanks for looking and reading.  This year is going to be my most creative and productive year ever, I can just feel it!