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So, I'm calling for a reset, a re-do, a start over with this blog.  I've learned a lot during 2017 but didn't quite achieve all I set out to do.  I'm ok with that I guess, I cant change it!  So I'm setting out to renew some past goals and plans.  For the big picture that means living a happy, monetarily comfortable, creative life.  But there are so many facets of that goal!  Some parts of it I've achieved already, some I'm actively working on now, some I'm still learning about, and some I don't even know about yet!  Anyway,

Art Journaling is the Bomb!

That's right, art journaling is totally awesome.  If you haven't tried it yet I suggest you do.  It doesn't matter whether you are an artist or not.  If you are a person that thinks about things, a person that likes to play with materials or write, a person that could use some time to yourself, a person that could benefit from some introspection, or someone that just wants to try something fun and creative you should try art journaling.  I did and it has made my life, heart, art and soul better.